Train the Brain

We all look for motivation in different places. I have watched a plethora of motivational movies like Rudy, Rocky, and St. Ralph that portray the message of “Dare to Dream.” I began to think of what it means to “dare.” Dreaming seems to be easy, but why are great things referred to as “daring to dream”?

The definition of dare is “make bold: take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission.”

Now things start to make sense. Big goals are typically bold, and in order to even think it possible there must be some presumption (usually without evidence) that would one to lead to success.

The real lesson is that the success is in the “daring.” It is in the willingness to see beyond what the evidence would ensure. The victory is in the dreaming. It is in taking the steps toward the dream. It is in staying committed to the process of the dream, which is the expressway to the soul. The toll is presumptuously staying on the path even without permission from evidence of the final destination. This is the road I choose and it is the road that we all can choose in order to experience the best of who we are. With this process, we “train the brain.” We “see” beyond the now and dare to see a bigger picture. When we do this the road map to the dream appears.

So even with the off times of injury, illness, or when life just gets in the way; if you train the brain, the body will follow when it can.

Dawn Elder
USAT Certified Coach
Natural Running Coach