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The Unloader

This new and exciting piece of equipment is designed to bridge the gap between aquatic therapy and traditional traction. The unloading system can be utilized for the upper half and lower half of the body – specifically – the lumbar spine and cervical spine. For both areas, a harness is used to support the lumbar […]

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Train the Brain

We all look for motivation in different places. I have watched a plethora of motivational movies like Rudy, Rocky, and St. Ralph that portray the message of “Dare to Dream.” I began to think of what it means to “dare.” Dreaming seems to be easy, but why are great things referred to as “daring to […]

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What Now?

Well, it happens to the best of us. It also happens to most of us – if we move. We get a “niggle” or worse – an injury. Either way, we are stopped in our tracks. As an athlete who likes to see what is possible, I have had more than a few of these […]

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