Injury Rates Are Rising Among Female Middle and High School Athletes

Currently, an increasing number of female athletes are being treated for musculoskeletal injuries compared to previous years. One reason behind this is the growing emphasis on playing one sport all year round. Playing one sport year- round results in mechanical stress being repetitively loaded to the same joints. When playing multiple sports, different joints are utilized and less stress is placed on the same joints. Injury rates are also rising for female middle and high school athletes as a result decreased emphasis on strength training outside of practice. These athletes often place stress on their muscles and joints without having the requisite strength needed to optimally perform their designated sport. Females in particular often are not strength training as part of practice. As a consequence, they do not possess the knowledge on how to properly build muscle. Before you know it, they sustain a musculoskeletal injury.

Physical therapy can be an excellent resource for young female athletes. Physical therapists are trained to target the specific muscles needed for a given sport. They have the knowledge and education regarding how much strength and power is needed for a desired sport. Physical therapists are also adept at building power, strength, and endurance while still being mindful of an athlete’s given injury. Therapeutic exercises are specifically designed to treat the underlying dysfunction that resulted in the athlete’s injury. So, next time your daughter sustains a sports injury or starts to report pain, think physical therapy first. The sooner you see a qualified physical therapist, the faster they can get you feeling better and back on the field/court!

Lauren Arihood, PT, DPT
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