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"After physical therapy now I have two functioning knees!!! I feel ten years younger. Great practice - great caring people. Thanks for everything!"

~Carol F.

"I feel very much improved with regard to my chronic right knee problem. I think that this clinic is very well equipped, the personnel are very professional and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone needing therapy."

~Richard H.

"Thanks Promotion Physical Therapy for returning me to my very active life. I now have full range of motion again with no pain. What a turnaround! Your professionalism, care, and concern are of the very highest standards!"

~Kathy L.

"As a landscaper, my job entails substantial lifting and flexibility. Until I received physical therapy from Promotion Physical Therapy, I was unable to fulfill the needs of my customers without excruciating pain. Now I have no lower back pain, even with the requirements of my profession. Not only did their staff provide physical therapy with results, they also provided me with an exercise plan so I can continue to strengthen by back."

~Doug M.

"After my accident at the Houston Marathon and the subsequent 8 weeks of intense pain, I had decided I was done running. But since my physical therapy with Promotion Physical Therapy, all that has changed. I am back to running 3.5 miles, 3 times a week, and I am pain free. I now look forward to the next marathon season."

~Gayla A.

"I've had knee pain for the past 2 years and have received physical therapy with 3 different physical therapists in the past; but when I came to Promotion Physical Therapy after having Bi-lateral knee surgery, I got the right treatment and positive push to recovery. Out of all the treatment centers and physical therapists in the past, Promotion gave me the fastest recovery!

After 2 years of knee pain, I now have Zero knee pain! I'm back to rock climbing, running, and lifting weights! The therapists are very hands on, motivational, and extremely knowledgable. No other Physical Therapist has ever given me these results! Thank you Promotion Physical Therapy!"

~Scott L.

"Why do we choose Promotion Physical Therapy above all other options? The first thing that impressed us at Promotion PT was the welcoming staff and environment. Then it was immediately apparent that Justin and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and competent, noticeably more than any other place we have been for physical therapy. They were always ready for us when we arrived--no waiting. We worked hard, within the recommended limits, and from the first visit, we noticed improvement. When we were ready to be dismissed, not only were we walking with ease, we had also made new friends. We said goodbye very reluctantly. But the door was open to return on our own, to continue working as needed for a modest fee. Of all the choices in town, regardless of location, we would return to Promotion PT in a heartbeat."

-George and Sandy S.

"Friendly, competent, understanding - that's how we would sum up the staff at Promotion Physical Therapy. We will definitely try to seek their help if we need physical therapy again in the future!"

~Ronald & Leanna M.

"Justin & his staff at Promotion Physical Therapy are top-notch in every sense of the word; designing a treatment plan for me that accommodated 'the needs of the whole patient'. After two major surgeries (hip total replacement & knee arthroscopy just three months apart), my therapy after both procedures was aggressive yet reasonable in every sense of the word. I became stronger, more flexible & confident. My body healed properly & within an appropriate time-frame. Today I am able to walk with no pain, no assistive devices, more endurance, improved flexibility & range of motion, and greater enjoyment. I know I am healthier & progressed much more quickly because of the treatment I received at Promotion! All that, & they are wonderful people! Thank you!"

~Judy G.