Wellness Education

All of our physical therapists at Promotion Physical Therapy are here to help you connect to a healthier lifestyle.

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Wellness Education

Promotion Physical Therapy | Wellness Education

Everyone at Promotion Physical Therapy aims to do everything we can to help promote a good lifestyle. From the way you work, the exercises you do, to the food that you eat, we are here to help you achieve anything and everything you set your goals to.

Your mind, body, and spirit all tie into each other. Our nutritional offerings comprise of nutritional products, wellness programs, and more.

Our entire team at Promotion Physical Therapy is here to help you with any information regarding every aspect of wellness. Call (210) 479-3334 to learn more about how you can take more active approaches with connecting to a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about our nutritional products, click here to read testimonials given by clients who have had great success using AdvoCare with their Wellness Programs.

Thank you for viewing our Wellness Education page. Please come back again to learn more as we are continuing to refine, add, and build out Wellness Education Programs.

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