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We offer custom sports performance training programs to all types of atheletes in San Antonio, Texas. Our physical therapists are licensed and qualified to assist you with reaching your sports training goals. Contact any one of our locations today.

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Sports Performance Training

Promotion Physical Therapy | Sports Performance Training

If you are an athlete and want to achieve the best sports performance results, then Promotion Physical Therapy can help design the right sports training program for you. Our sports performance programs are designed to fit your needs whether you are a weekend warrior to a football player. From a recovery stand point caused by torn ACL to muscle aches and pains, our physical therapists are the best people to see for your sports performance training. We are here to help you improve your agility, strength, endurance, athletic health and discipline.

Our sports performance training programs are designed to the athlete. Our approach involves understanding what type of athlete we are training so that way we can understand the environments, motions, and wear the athlete's body experiences. By understanding all of these elements, we are able to guide, train, and offer the best physical therapy treatment and sports performance training to you.

At Promotion Physical Therapy our sports performance training is goal oriented. We want to help you understand your body, mind, and be able to connect with yourself to achieve your full capacity and improve your athleticism. Your progress and results are tested and available to you for reviewing. Because you always see the same physical therapist, one-on-one, their constant evaluation, documentation, and process of your sports performance training allows you to achieve successful outcomes.

Sports Performance Applications

Sports Performance Training is available for all athletes. Below you will find a general example of how we feel sports performance training can be applied to a certain type of athlete.

Soccer players run constantly, they squat, stop, cut left and right throughout the soccer field. This athlete will need the endurance, conditioning, and also the capacity to move their bodies in way that would prevent injury and to perform the best that they can. A strong physique and the strength in their legs must always be in tune and capable of handling all of these performance requirements throughout the life of the sport. The physical therapists at Promotion Physical Therapy are here to help you achieve all of these goals by enhancing your agility with customized sports training techniques, and other fellowship training methods catered to you.

Baseball requires the body to have a high level of agility as well. When a baseball player is running, squatting, or chasing after a ball, their body is utilizing all of their muscle potential in order to perform. By working with a baseball player's legs, back, arms, and other parts of their body, they are able to focus on these areas with our sports performance training specialists. A pitcher is also always rotating their arms and by focusing sports performance training with their arms, we are able to provide the athlete with awareness to preventative injuries such as rotator cuffs.

Running is all about form and it is important to know what measures and sports training techniques are available to a runner in order to reach full potential. Our sports performance training for runners involve techniques such as making sure you are fitted properly for the right running shoe, finding out what kind of runner you are, and making sure that you are running correctly. What kind of runner are you? A toe runnier, heel runner? How long can your run, how fast can you run? What kind of environments do you run in? These are the types of questions and approaches our fellowship trained physical therapists ask runners. We are here to understand you, and understand how to apply the right sports performance training program for you.

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