Aquatic Therapy

The Promotion Physical Therapy's Medical Center facility in San Antonio, Texas is able to help restore your functionality with our aquatic pool. Our aquatic pool is a state-of-the-art physical therapy solution available to help you with our physical therapy recovery.

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Aquatic Therapy

Promotion Physical Therapy | Aquatic Therapy

What is Aquatic Therapy? Aquatic Therapy is physical therapy in a warm and weight modified environment. The buoyancy allows you to perform with less pain or pressure on your joints, all the while using the resistance of water to build muscle and endurance.

All of our physical therapists at our Medical Center location are educated, experienced and qualified to oversee your rehabilitation using our aquatic pool. During an aquatic therapy session, our therapists deliver constant attendance through a series of exercises. Don't worry, our pool is designed for single person use so it is always you and your therapist.

Our physical therapy location in the Medical Center is our only clinic outfitted with a pool. Please call (210) 478-5486 to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist to administer your aquatic therapy rehabilitation today.

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