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Nutrition and Advocare

We believe whole-heartedly that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you must practice healthy nutritional habits. That is why we here at Promotion Physical Therapy recommend AdvoCare® nutritional products in your daily, weekly, and monthly dietary regiments.

Since 1993, AdvoCare® has been a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. Click here to shop and learn more about AdvoCare's cutting-edge nutritional supplements and skincare.

If your goal is to loose weight, trim up, and to get in shape, then we can help guide you in the right direction. AdvoCare offers a wide range of weight-loss solutions from shakes to amino acid supplements. Click here to learn more.

AdvoCare's Active products are the perfect solution for those who are on the go, and want to maintain a nutritional diet. With AdvoCare's Active products, you can maintain a high-energy, healthy lifestyle by using their vitamins, protein bars, energy drinks, and rehydration gels. Click here to learn more.

For those who are looking primarily for nutritional products, and to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, AdvoCare's line of Well products is the best nutritional solution. Choose from their wide range of products ranging from Fiber Drinks, bars, herbal cleansing products to their ProBiotic Boosters. Click here to learn more.

If you are ready to experience some amazing nutritional products, click here or ask us how. Our clients, patients, and staff love it and we know you will too. Please do not hesitate to call (210) 479-3334 so we can answer any questions you may have.

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