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Promotion Physical Therapy Partners with Triathlon Coach Dawn Elder

SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 16, 2014) – Promotion Physical Therapy, a front runner in physical therapy services, sports training and recovery programs, announced a partnership with eight-time Ironman Finisher and triathlon coach Dawn Elder to bring a new level of sports performance to San Antonio.

Promotion Physical Therapy, with three clinics in San Antonio, has served a diverse clientele using cutting-edge technology such as the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Now, in addition to receiving the most sophisticated orthopedic rehabilitation available, clients will have access to one-of-a-kind endurance coaching through Coach Elder’s Tri-Belief training platform.

“She believed in me from the beginning and her knowledge and encouragement, along with my effort and training, produced a finish line moment I will always cherish.”
-Allison Espinosa

“Dawn Elder embodies many of our same beliefs, that you must work smart and work hard in life to achieve your goals, and if life sidelines you with an injury, only the best medical care and rehabilitation will do,” says Dr. Justin Martindale, president of Promotion Physical Therapy.

Elder, a longtime Promotion patient, will host Tri-Belief meetings on site that reinforce the importance of keeping the body healthy rather than waiting until it’s injured. Personal and endurance training packages will be offered for a monthly fee that includes unlimited communication with Coach Elder via phone, text and email.

“She believes in her athletes and pushes them toward their highest potential, and she refuses to let them settle for mediocrity. She believed in me long before I believe in myself in this sport of triathlon, and I have not only become a stronger triathlete, but also a stronger person as well.”
-Linda Osbourne

“It is going to be exciting to watch our clients exceed their own expectations of what their bodies can accomplish,” Dr. Martindale adds.

About Promotion Physical Therapy
Promotion Physical Therapy, established in 2005, operates three clinics in the San Antonio area offering comprehensive physical therapy services that include aquatic therapy, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, sports performing training and a host of nutrition and wellness resources. For more information about Promotion Physical Therapy services, visit

About Tri-Belief
Coach Dawn Elder founded Tri-Belief in 2009 to share her philosophy — that sport is a metaphor for life — to inspire athletes of all levels. Elder is a personal trainer and USAT Level 1 triathlon coach in San Antonio. For more information, visit

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